This Special Olympics jewelry is designed for Special Olympics Fundraising. Local Counties have been selling different items at their competitions and special events to raise money and promote Special Olympics. I have some standard colors, but I can make the jewelry with custom colors. All Special Olympics necklaces, earrings, & pins are glass image art. Each piece is handmade and all colors are painted with watercolors giving each item its own unique look.

Special Olympics Jewelry Items for sale:
Special Olympics Pendants - Special Olympics Necklaces-
Large Pendants (23mm) with choice of black, silver or pink ball chain  $10
 Black & White             Purple                         Assorted Colors                          Different Styles
Pendant Color
Chain Color
Small Pendants (20mm) with choice of black, silver or pink ball chain  $10
Blue & White                       Pink                            Teal & Pink  
Pendant Color
Chain Color
Special Olympics Earrings-
Earrings or Stud Earrings (16mm) $12

Green                           Red White & Blue          Pastel Rainbow           Dark Rainbow
Earring Color

Pendant & Earring Sets $20 (large or small pendant - dangle or stud earrings)
Pastel Rainbow           Dark Rainbow             Sunset               Teal & White
color, chain & style earrings

Special Olympics Pins -
Large Pins (23mm) Small Pins (16mm) & Tie Tacks (16mm) $8

Rainbow                                Red, White, & Blue
Pin Color

Special Olympics Jewelry comes in many colors- Please feel free to pick your own favorite colors
I can make any of these pieces in custom colors for your area. If you'd like pieces of
Special Olympics Jewelry that you don't see.. please e-mail me and I'm sure I can accomodate your request.
I can make cufflinks, bracelets, rings or whatever else you might like to sell for Special Olympics Fundraising.

COLOR CHOICES:    Black & White            
                               Teal & White
                                Rainbow - Dark or Pastel
                                Blue & White
                                Sunset (Yellow fading into Orange)
                                or Any Custom Colors

Contact me for wholesale prices for Special Olympics Jewelry fundraising opportunities.